To combat cybercrime in West Africa, the government is partnering with like-minded organizations.

The Ministry of National Security has said that it is working at ensuring that through collaborative work with the right stakeholders within the West African sub-region to curb cybercrime.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Ababio Serebour (Rtd), Chief Director of the Ministry of National Security, there are a number of innovations in such respects aimed at achieving this target.

He was speaking at the CyberX Africa 2021 Conference in Accra, under the auspices of the Ministry of National Security and in partnership with CSDS Africa.

“Our presence here is evidence of our commitment to the National Cyber Security policy and strategy, the ECOWAS Cyber Security Strategy, as well as the National Security Strategy. Under all these strategies, it is clear that much of the progress to be achieved in the areas of cybercrime will depend on the willingness of like-minded organizations to collaborate in calling out and punishing online crime targeting individuals, companies, and governments around the world.

“Last month, the Ministry of National Security collaborated with the National Security Authority on the training of the National Security Technical group. The SGI Secretariat, under its focal area 3, has a comprehensive program that involves reaching out to the security and justice community to help curb cybercrime within the ECOWAS sub-region,” Lt. Col. Ababio said.

He explained that the Ministry of National Security is also in talks with stakeholders across board, building on the opportunity that the CyberX conference offers them to gain significant progress in the combat of cybercrimes which demonstrates a high level of willingness to collaborate in calling out and punishing perpetrators of such crimes.

“Engagement with cyber security practitioners, lawyers, judges, and the private sector will help build the partnership that will enable cyber enforcement to thrive. In this regard, Cyber X Africa 2021 provides an opportunity to take the fight against cybercrime in Africa to a whole new level,” he added.

This year, CyberX Africa is being organized by CSDS Africa in collaboration with the Security Governance Initiative (SGI) Secretariat of the Ministry of Security, the Association of Private Investigators, Ghana, and Lex Mundus & Cencla.

The event also coincides with the Security Governance Initiative (SGI) Week 2021 which focuses on issues in cyberlaw, mobile and digital forensic investigations, and international cooperation in aid of effective investigation and prosecution of cyber and terrestrial crime in ECOWAS.

CyberX Africa 2021 is a four (4) day annual event featuring cybersecurity, cyber law, and cybercrime workshops, cyber awards, and cyber conferences (CyCons).

~ Source: GhanaWeb


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